Data Recovery Process

Our recovery service is quick and easy to use. Contact us for a quote then send us your storage device. One of our engineers will get back to you with the details of our inspection and then we can get on with the job of recovering your data. Once we’ve recovered your data we will return it to you on a next day service. For a more detailed understanding of the process we undertake please read the following steps..

Data Recovery Process

1 Free Quote And Expert Advice

We know the disruption and annoyance caused by the loss of/or inability to access your data which is why we are on hand to speak to potential clients. You can email, telephone or call in if you are near one of our Data Recovery centres. We will be happy to provide you with a no hassle, no charge diagnosis before proceeding and this should go some way to alleviating your fears about the recovery of your data. Our experts are more than capable of diagnosing the nature of a fault simply by asking some questions and in 99 out of every 100 we make the right diagnosis. If you are happy with the advice we have given you and want us to proceed please make sure the device is securely packaged up (making sure it cannot move inside to avoid any further damage en route). You will find our shipping form on the Contacts page which you can print off and fill in. If you cannot deliver the device in person we recommend using register post or a courier.

2 Free Diagnosing And No Obligation Quote

When we have received your storage device we then make a physical diagnosis and provide you with a no obligation quote for the work that is required to rescue your data. When we say no obligation we mean it. If you don’t wish to carry on with the process you don’t have to. We will give you a quote and the price on that quote is the price you pay; there are no hidden extras. If you are happy with the price we will then set about recovering your data.

3 Recovering Your Data

When you agree to the quoted price we will set to work recovering your data as soon as possible. Usually we can recover the data within 2-3 days (speak to us about a faster recovery time if it is necessary). As soon as we have recovered your data to one of our secure servers a qualified recovery engineer will contact you by telephone and follow this up with an email that will detail exactly what we have recovered (including screenshots and a full directory listing).

4 Sending Data Back to You

We won’t do anything else until you have verified the data recovered is the data you want. When you have done so, you can then make payment to us via credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer. As soon as payment has been received we will backup the data to your chosen media and arrange for its return. All of our data recoveries are returned to our clients via next day courier; the price of which is already included in the cost. We make no charge for using credit or debit cards.

Why Choose Advanced Data Recovery?

We don't operate in the same way as other Data Recovery companies. We provide you with a quote upfront which includes all of the costs incurred during the recovery process. When we discuss the necessities of the Data Recovery process with you we will find out everything we need to know so that you, as the client, know exactly how much it will cost. Contact us before you send your device to us so that we may ascertain if there is a mechanical fault causing the problem. In some instances a mechanical fault may incur additional charges but we will establish this from the outset. The backup of your data is free and will be saved to Data DVDs for free (up to 30GBs in size). If the volume of your data is in excess of 30GBs then it will be necessary to use an external device such as a hard drive. You can purchase an external device from us should you need to.

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