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USB Stick Recovery

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The Most Common USB Memory Stick Issues:

Operating on a similar principle and using similar technology to memory cards, USB memory sticks have become a popular way of storing data that might be shared among a group of people either at home or at work. Indeed memory sticks have become the more modern equivalent of the business card with many companies presenting prospective clients with memory sticks containing their company information as well as links to websites and PDF catalogues. Like their printed business card equivalent the memory stick can be damaged by being sat on, bent, left near extreme heat or introduced to water but in addition to this the stick can be damaged if the internal workings – physical and electronic – are damaged.

USB Stick Physical Breakdown:

At we are experts in recovering data from physically damaged USB memory sticks. The damage can be caused in a variety of ways but the outcome is always the same; an inability to access the data on the flash memory chip inside. Inside a memory stick – as with a memory card – there are physical components, chips, capacitors and soldered circuitry that pass information backwards and forwards, enabling you the user to access it and alter it as you see fit. Excessive weight applied to the memory stick or dropping it into a substance it was not designed to cope with can damage these components beyond repair but we have a high success rate of recovering data from devices that many might consider only suitable for the bin once no longer readable

USB Stick Flash Memory Failure:

The NAND flash memory of a USB stick is contained on a flash memory chip known to many as EEPROM. This chip functions as a memory card does and can be damaged in the same way as a memory card. Introducing it, for example, to a magnetic field or heavy duty electrical interference, can render the chip dead to the user but we at can still recover it.

Deleting The Contents Of Your USB Memory Stick In Error:

High up on the list of reasons for being asked to recover data from USB memory sticks is accidental deletion and formatting. We do not judge or criticise anyone for this because it is something that can be done simply by pressing the wrong button whilst trying to concentrate on more than one thing. Operating systems mount a memory stick as a removable drive and this can cause problems because one a memory stick has been given a drive letter it can be easily to get them confused with an existing drive. If you have mistakenly formatted or deleted your memory stick remove it immediately so that no further information can be written to it and contact us at your earliest possible convenience. We will be only too happy to help you recover your data

When I Plug My USB Stick In It Brings My Computer To A Stand Still:

There are occasions when a USB memory stick can cause your PC or Mac to behave strangely because of the format of the stick. If the stick has been formatted on another computer, using another operating system, then it is possible that the PC or Mac you are using may not recognise the format or your anti-virus software reports it as being contaminated. This is often the case with the autorun.inf file when it comes to anti-virus software as it reports it as dangerous because it is not recognised on the host computer. Anti-virus software may go as far as quarantining this file which can lead to an inability to open the data contained on it. Contact us if you have or are experiencing problems of this nature and we will be happy to help you recover your data and offer solutions as to how to prevent this happening in the future.

Featured Article

Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

SanDisk Cruzer Orbit 8GB Flash Drive
I have a SanDisk hard drive with secure access where I have installed some confidential files in it. I was able to make it work once but now it is quite unusual because when I open secure access manager to check out my files, it prompts me to create a new vault to keep my files in. I don’t know what happened because before, I only need to input my password and it works perfectly because I am able to access my important files without any trouble. But now when I do this, it keeps telling me to make a new vault and it doesn’t show my files anymore. However, I believe that my files are still there because I can see a dmbackup.dll file on MyVaults folder, which I presume contains my confidential files. Can you recover my files from there and make the flash drive work well like before

SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive 32GB
My 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive is not working properly. It seems that I cannot copy files from or to it. When I try copying files to, even as small as 10MB, it takes about 30 minutes to do so (with the pop-up window showing that it is copying the files) but when I look at the flash drive, nothing is there. When I try to copy files from the cruzer usb stick it times out after a few seconds, I cannot copy any data from the usb stick.

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