Case Study 1: Apple Macbook Pro – Mechanical Damage

Everytime client turned on Macbook Pro they got a blue screen and as a result of this the Macbook would not boot up. No matter what keys were pressed on boot up the system would go straight to the blue screen. Client took the Macbook to Apple store to get it looked at and they removed the hard drive and replaced it with a new hard drive. They connected old drive to a usb reader but it would not read the hard drive, in fact they could not get the hard drive to be recognised. The Apple store recommended yourselves for recovering the data.

We diagnosed the hard drive as having a mechanical damage to the read/write heads and the disk platters. It later turned out that the Macbook was dropped (client forgot about this) and since then the Macbook would not work. There was some minor media damage to the disk platters which would mean a partial recovery. We completed a platter swap on hard drive and extracted 97% of the data.

* Even if your Mac hard drive has media damage, we can still recover the data.