Case Study 2: A Dropped Buffalo Ministation

Client had a Buffalo Ministation which had 1TB of space. The client dropped the Buffalo Ministation hard drive. Client connected the Buffalo Ministation to his laptop but it was nowhere to be seen. Client looked in Device Manager, My Computer etc but could not find the hard drive. There was a bing type noise coming for the Buffalo Ministation suggesting all was not well with the Buffalo Ministation hard drive. The light was still flashing on the front of the hard drive indicating something was happening inside the casing.

We diagnosed that the hard drive had motor & read write head damage. We recommended a platter exchange to client and proceeded with the procedure. It was a complete sucess and we backed up data to a portable 1TB hard drive.

* If you have dropped your hard drive, please contact us for a quote as we have recovered 1000’s of dropped hard drives over the years.