Case Study 3: Failed HP Proliant Server

IT Administrator received an alert that the server was not working. He went into office to find that the system had rebooted to dos screen. The hard disks seemed to be spinning okay but there was beeping noises coming from server. IT Administrator rebooted system and then received a message saying the Raid 5 array was invalid. The beeping continued until IT Administrator switched of the server. As the HP server was not giving any rebuild options and there was beeping noises coming from system, IT Administrator contacted us straight away as he did not want to mess around with system as it contained business critical data.

We received the 4 sas drives in and diagnosed that there was motor failure on two of the sas disks. We upgraded the motor on the hard drives and imaged 100% of the hard drives. We imaged the two working disks in the raid array and processed the system. We received this system on a Saturday morning and had it processed for 9am Monday morning.

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