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Camera Data Recovery


I have a digital camera memory card which is not allowing the computer to see my pictures. I bought a new card, and attempted to get photos from the digital camera onto the computer. I have a photography studio, and there are 4 sessions’ worth of photographs on the card at the moment, which are for a college course. The photographs are essential for my university degree. The computer can see the card, but says that it is invalid, and I am not able to see the folders within the card. I have put the card into a card reader, and tried to download the images, but the computer says that the card is not available. When I plug the card into the computer via the camera, a message appears on the digital camera saying ‘FOR’, which is different to the usual display, which details the number of photo slots available. I have tried card recovery programs from the internet, but they also don’t seem to be able to find the card on the computer. I really need to be able to get those photographs, as they are very important to me.


I am having a problem with a digital camera memory card which has been used in a Canon Camera. I have tried several times to extract the photographs from the card, but when I turn on the camera, it says ‘no memory card’, and will not show me the data on the card. I have tried to read the data on the card by connecting it to the computer, and I am not able to see the pictures there either. I can see the files of the card, and they are all named as they should be, but I am not able to open up any of the files in order to view the pictures related to those files. The camera has some important photographs which I really want to use on the computer, and I would like to find a way to extract the data. I can buy other cards to replace this one, but the data is the really important element.