External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Mechanical Fault £299

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Critical Service £795

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Failures That Befall External Hard Disk Drives:

An external hard drive is useful device for a variety of reasons; principle among them the fact that the drive can be taken from one location to another should large amounts of data need to be copied. In addition to this external hard drives are now becoming small enough to be carried around in a user’s pocket so the need to provide expense and ultra-safe shipping has been eliminated. However for the advantages there are also pitfalls and chief amongst them is the fact that the technology that goes into them can be considerably smaller than in an internal hard drive. With this in mind however we at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk can help you if your external hard drive fails.

External HDD Mechanical Problems:

Within an external hard drive there are many mechanical components that move with an amazing amount of speed. Some of these components move in order to read/write the data you wish to access and save and as such a sudden breakdown in such a component can render the data you are using useless,at least to you. Utilising the same technology as internal hard drives only on a small scale these drives can suffer from problems with read/write heads and arms that move the heads backwards and forwards. The first indication that your external hard drive may be suffering from a mechanical failure can be either a clicking sound (like metal against metal) or an intermittent beep that emanates from the motherboard’s built in speaker. If you have access to your motherboard’s manual a quick glance will tell you what each series of beeps equates to.

External Hard Drive Electronic Failures:

Capacitors, chips, raised solder and jumper connections are all part of the external hard drive’s circuitry and can be found on the underside of the drive contained within the caddy. It is important to remember that what you, the user sees, is simply a casing housing the actual hard drive itself which is similar to those inside your computer. Electronic failures can happen if the device is dropped; although the casing might be designed to be shock resistant there may still be enough force to cause the breakage of a soldered link on the circuit board. Also plugging in an incorrect power supply (an adapter belonging to another device for example) may cause a surge of too much electricity than can literally fry the circuity. We at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk can help you recover your data should any of these problems befall you; contact us for details

External HDD Firmware Failings:

The importance of firmware cannot be stated highly enough. This small but vital program is something that many users never have any dealings with but there are times when the firmware may cause your hardware to behave strangely or stop it working altogether. This intricate program is designed to send a series of commands to your hard drive telling it how to save and load information as well as how to spin and when to spin. A failure in the firmware might be repairable if an update is available but updating firmware from the manufacturer’s website is not always guaranteed to be 100% successful. If your external hard drive ceases to function correctly and there are no visible or audible signs of its degradation then it may well be a firmware issue. Contact us here at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk for more information on how we can help you recover from this problem.

External HDD Conflicting With Your Operating System:

The operating system you use, be it Windows-based or Mac, is designed to let you know if errors are occurring on your external hard drive. With that said however there are errors which may not be reported quickly enough by the operating system or reported at all. An error relating to hardware may simply cause the hard drive to fail and to this end no amount of booting and rebooting will get you any further. A slowly developing error such as bad sectors or clusters may be reported by this is something that will happen as the drive degrades and immediate action should be taken to ensure the safety of your data as much as is possible. We thoroughly recommend that you do not dismiss any signs of disk degradation such as the slow opening and saving of data to your external HDD or any ‘Blue Screen of Death’ warnings you might receive. We understand the temptation to reboot and try to carry on but sadly this way only the increased speed of degradation lies.

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