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Buffalo Data Recovery


Can anyone help me with a serious drive disaster? I am using a Buffalo Drivestation with 1.5TB. What happened is that I was copying some files to my computer this afternoon, when I caught the USB cable under my mouse wire, and it fell out. I wish I’d found something else to do with the copying time, but what’s done is done. Having unplugged the machine in the middle of a process, I now find that when it is connected to the computer, the power light comes on, and it is visible through DMU, but I cannot see it on My Computer. It is appearing on device management as ‘Not Initiated’, and I have tried to view it through my BIOS screen, and it is also appearing as not readable there. I tried out a few pieces of software, with the hope that some files could be recovered, but it is not showing up there, either. I am considering trying some other software in order to recover the files, but I need some advice on the best steps to take.


Hello. I have a Buffalo Axis Drivestation which has been regularly used to backup data from my desktop. With 3TB of memory, it should have been fine to carry on for years, but after recent changes to my computer, it no longer backups as it should. I had to do a complete change of the main motherboard and also of the hard drive in the computer, and this seems to have caused big problems for the Drivestation. After 1 and a half years of use, I had thought that I understood all its little quirks, but the recent changes to the computer resulted in it being given a new drive letter. It is clearly visible in both DMU and on My Computer, so there is no problem with accessing it, but I the data is not showing up, the operating system says there is 2.76TB of space free. There is not a problem with the ports, since I was able to plug it into a laptop, and it worked fine when I did this. I can’t resolve the problem on my own, can you offer some expertise and solution for me?