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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


Hello. I have a D-Link NAS connection which I used with 3 laptops. They are all connected, according to the device, and I have been using them with no problems for a while. However, recently, I decided to upgrade the firmware in order to get a better running speed. Since the upgrade, I have found it impossible to get access of the data which is stored on the NAS. One of the laptops will simply stall, and then tells me that it has timed out. Then I am told that the specified network is not available, or is no longer available on the laptop. I have to jump the laptop through lots of hoops in order to get it to respond at all. I have tried replacing the cables, but this has not helped. However, when I connect the laptop to the NAS directly, through a cable at the back of the D-Link, it connects for 5 seconds and then disconnects. I upgraded the firmware again, as I thought it might not be the latest, and there is still a problem. I have even reset the D-Link, and can’t get anything at all.

D-Link RAID 1

I have an older D-Link RAID 1 device which has recently died due to a power surge. The NAS was not doing anything while the surge was happening, and it turns on as usual, and even seems to be spinning the disk, but I cannot get the computer to see it. I have a lot of data stored on the drives, and I need to recover the files on there, which have been stored through the RAID1 process. I have tried to get onto them through the Ubuntu program, but it is not working as well as I had hoped. I can see one of the disks using the Nautilus, and I can even go into it and view the folder, but there are no files available. The Ubuntu check says that both of the drives are fine. I cannot even open the other drive, whether using Ubuntu or any other recovery program. I really need the data recovered, and fast.