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Iomega Data Recovery Services


Recently, I have been having a problem with my Iomega external hard drive, where it seems that some of the files have become damaged. When I power up the hard drive, I receive a message from Windows telling me that the ‘file structure could be corrupted’. I am reluctant to go into the Iomega hard drive any further, since I am concerned that there could be a serious problem with the drive. I am also worried that there is a problem with my computer, which is causing the message to appear. Either way, it seems as though I am stuck without my Iomega external hard drive. I have not had a serious accident with it, and nor have I damaged it in any way (such as by spilling drinks on it or having a power surge), so I don’t know who to trust. I am very worried that all of the work which has been saved on the Iomega hard drive will now be lost.


My Iomega external hard drive with 500gb of memory is essential to me, and I have backed up all my data onto this device. However, recently my laptop harddisc drive failed, and I had to uninstall and then reinstall Windows. This means that I lost all the information which was on that drive. I went to my Iomega external hard drive to load all my backed up information back onto the drive, and was surprised to find that it had failed, or has become corrupted in some way. I sought advice on the HD from friends, and some suggested that the Iomega external hard drives are password-protected, so that information on it is encrypted, and can only be seen by those with the password. I have never installed a password onto my external hard drive, and the Iomega is not asking me for one, but I still cannot see the work that I have backed-up onto it. Would the drive ask me for a password even though I am still using the same laptop? Or has reinstalling Windows software meant that I have lost everything on the Iomega? Please help me to recover the data I have saved.