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LaCie Data Recovery


I have a Lacie hard drive which was accidentally dropped some time ago. There does not seem to be any damage, but this is the first time that I have tried to power it up since that accident. The main problem is that when I plug my drive into the USB port, they run perfectly fine, and everything seems to be working normally, except that I cannot find the drive in My Computer. I can see it in disk manager, but it is labelled as uninitialized. I have also tried to do a recovery on the drive using CHKDSK, but it told me that the FAT Boot was invalid. What does this mean? I did not see any errors apart from this, and I am wondering whether to clone the drive and try to work on it a little. I know that it is important to copy the drive before working on it, in order not to lose any potential files.


I am having a small problem with a Lacie Big Extreme hard drive with 1TB of memory. I am experiencing a strange clicking noise when I turn it on. There doesn’t seem to be any problem apart from this, but I know from other hard drives I have had in the past that it is one quick step from clicking noises to complete failure, and I don’t want to lose this drive. I am thinking that it must be some kind of power issue, or perhaps something to do with the electrics inside the enclosure. I have tried changing the power supply cables, and also the USB ports, to see if the noise could be resolved, but so far there is no success. I am worried that the disks might fail if I allow the noise to carry on much longer. I imagine with an electronic fault, the Lacie drive isn’t going to last anyway, so I might as well try to do something about it.