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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I have recently changed the HP server and am having some problems moving it onto our Synology NAS DiskStation. There are three hard drives in the old HP server which the NAS would not read. I have even stripped the old cases, and put them into a laptop, and still have nothing. When I tried to put them into the Synology DiskStation, they span round quite happily, and seemed to be working, there was no screeching, beeping, or other noises suggesting that there was something wrong.
I put them back into the HP server and they cannot read the disks now so I cannot access the data that contains the business file server. The Synology Diskstation must have written something to the disks. We need data recovered on a critical service.


I was using a Synology DiskStation as my main NAS, but it suffered some kind of collapse, and I now cannot get the drive to come on. The disks themselves seem fine, and I managed to remove them and install them onto my PC, that part was not difficult and I thought that I would just put them into another external hard drive, and then copy the files onto the new NAS that I purchased. However, it doesn’t seem that it is going to be easy. The disks have RAID1, so should be unconnected copies, well mirrored copies, of the original data. What is happening is that I am able to see the disks, and can even view the different partitions, but I cannot get into the data.