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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Reasons As To Why Hard Drive Recovery May Be Necessary:

When it comes to problems with hard drives there are many commonly occurring ones to choose from. Among them are issues relating to the hardware components than together make up the internal mechanics of the hard drive such as platters, heads, actuator arms or bad circuitry on the PCB that sends information back and forth to the motherboard. You may find that the hard drive reacts badly when a new installation or reinstallation of an operating system has been performed; there are a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason for the failure of the hard drive we are on hand here at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk to help recovery your data

The Failing Mechanics Of a Hard Drive:

The mechanical aspect of a hard drive is something that is prone to problems and we at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk are only too aware of the issues that may befall your hard drive should it suffer from a mechanical problem. The platters within the hard drive upon which your data is stored are extremely thin and sensitive and a single speck of dust for example has the same effect as dropping a large boulder onto the bonnet of a car. As with the actuator arm which allows for the passing of the read/write heads across the platters. These arms are one 20th the thickness of a human hair as a standard and as such the snapping of an actuator arm is irreparable and will leave your hard drive incapable or performing any read/write functions. However we at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk have sophisticated software that can allow for the reconstitution of your data with minimal loss

Hard Drive Formatted In Error:

The formatting of a hard drive is something that a great number of us can say we have done accidentally. The same applies to the mistaken deletion of files that are important to the operating of your computer or data that is important to you or your business. Operating systems nowadays allow for the deletion and formatting of hard drives almost on a one-click basis which can be the main cause of loss of data through human error. Here at www.advandedraidrecovery.co.uk we have been asked to recover a great deal of data that has been lost by mistake and are in a position to help you do so while you can be safe in the knowledge that it is something none of us are above doing

Hard Drive Electronics Meltdown:

The electronic element of hard can be anything from the chips contained on the drive’s board right through to the small PCB on which firmware information is contained. Although it is not recommended casually handling a hard drive if you have the opportunity to see the underside of one you will note a myriad of small chips, capacitors and raised solder points that each have a purpose within that small area. Damage to any of these be it by physical contact or a sudden power surge can be enough to cause the drive to fail. With this in mind if your hard drive suddenly ceases to function without any warning from the operating system then there is a good chance that an electronic issue has occurred.

Firmware Failures & Your Hard Drive:

Firmware is we here at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk refer to as a piece of persistent memory onto which has been written a program that is designed to help your hard drive run in tandem with the other devices it comes into contact with in your computer. Most of the devices you use in your home or workplace have some kind of firmware already in them such as remote controls, phones and the likes and hard drives are no exception. A firmware program may become obsolete if a manufacturer updates their device but generally more manufacturers do not produce firmware upgrades so if your device fails as a result of a firmware problem the likelihood is that it (a) will not work at all or (b) work but with serious misgivings. We can help you recover the data from a hard drive suffering from firmware issues

My Computer Is Running Slowly – Is My Hard Drive At Fault?:

Have you been using your computer lately and it has frozen? Have you been greeted by the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ upon starting up your machine? Is it taking longer than normal to load or save files to your drive? If so then you might be in the throes of a hard drive failure. Some hard drive failures take time to take hold whilst others – especially those of a hardware nature – happen immediately without warning. If you have bore witness to any of the aforementioned problems then the chances are your hard drive is degrading and will eventually fail completely. If you have a recent backup then you might stand a chance of saving the bulk of your data but as many people still don’t perform a backup, choosing to think the problem won’t happen to them, it is best to switch the computer off and seek advice from our experts here at www.advancedraidrecovery.co.uk

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