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London Clients Hard Drive Data Recovery Emails

My hard disc has developed a fault since I moved home. I think the problem might have happened when I moved the pc in the back of my car. It was working great before I moved but when I set up my home office and connected the pc up it did nothing only click when I switched it on. I’m getting a black screen and a whole lot of clicking that just goes on and on and I can’t get the thing to do anything. The hard drive isn’t that old. I put it in just after Christmas last and it has been working great. It’s a Maxtor and normally I have no trouble with Maxtor. I tried going back to the shop where I bought it and the guy told me that it was probably a case of the heads or platters coming loose when I moved it. Apparently it only takes a small jar to cause it. Anyway, I’m no expert and since I have been working on an accountancy course I have been saving my spreadsheets etc on the drive and foolishly haven’t made any backups. I really need help. A friend suggested it might be either the hard disk or maybe even the motherboard failing to recognize it now. Any advice?

I’m using a Packard Bell desktop pc. I don’t know the age of the machine or the model number I’m afraid cos I’m not all that technical. I know I’ve got a Samsung STBV2000200 portable hard drive cos I bought it online. This is my problem. I tried to copy some of the folders on the Samsung to the main pc and then have a clear out of a lot of old files and folders I no longer need but I got distracted and when I right clicked I told windows to format the drive. Now I’ve lost everything and it says that I have a full 2 terrorbytes of space. There’s quite a few photos and stuff that I had formatted by mistake and I’ve been told that its possible to recover the information on a hard drive once its been formatted. If this is the case can you help me cos theres a lot of a family stuff on there that I would really love to get back. My husband says there are programs on the internet that can recover things from your computer but I’m frightened to use them in case I cause problems on the main pc or screw up the hard drive on there too. What do you think?