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London Clients Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery Emails

Maxtor OneTouch II external hard drive
Maxtor OneTouch II and Windows 7 64-bit OS. I don’t know if this is a common problem with the hard drive or it’s the EMC Retrospect Express HD software, but I am having trouble making it work on my machine now after months of it working without any problems. I checked out Seagate’s website since they already acquired Maxtor and EMC Insignia’s website but to no luck, I cannot find a fix for this problem. From one forum that I have read, I upgraded my EMC Retrospect Express HD software so it will work on my machine but after doing this, I cannot register it anymore and I don’t know why. I tried sending Smith Micro (the seller of EMC Retrospect Express HD software) emails about this issue but they haven’t got back to me yet. It seems like they are ignoring my emails. My computer has now crashed and won’t boot, I need a recovery company to extract the data files from my hard drive.

Maxtor One Touch 750GB
A while ago, my 750GB Maxtor One Touch external hard drive was working perfectly fine but now it seemed to be acting strange. About an hour ago, I plugged it on my new notebook that I now use for work and I am 100% sure that I safely unplugged it from that device afterwards. When I reached home, I turned on my computer and plugged my 750GB Maxtor One Touch external hard drive but it no longer works. It uses a USB cable and a power cable, and when I plug it and turn it on, the light turns bright for a bit then it is gone. I can hear that the disk inside spins quickly for a while and then comes to a complete halt. I am worried that the hard disk is totally dead but how come it still turns on for a while before it dies? I would like to think that it is just the power cord that has the problem but I tried a different one a similar problem happened.