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Samsung S2 – 1TB USB-Powered 2.5 Portable Hard Drive
I own a Samsung S2 hard drive that I got a few months back from Amazon. I never had any problems using it until today when my computer would no longer recognise it. I usually use it with this computer and this has never happened before. When I plug it in the computer, the blue light just keeps on flashing and I can hear the disc inside it whirring. After a few seconds of whirring, it stops. This repeats several times as if the disc inside is trying to jumpstart but fails. The only thing I tried as of now is trying a different USB connector but that doesn’t work.

Samsung Hard Drive
I own a Portable Samsung Hard Drive and has been working okay without any problems for the last year. All of a sudden it stopped working, I can hear the disk spin but nothing else so I know there is power going to it. I cannot see the hard drive on the mac user interface. Based from what I have researched, if the hard drive behaves this way, it simply means that there isn’t enough power drawn to it to make it work. I have checked the specs of my iMac and it has enough power in its USB port to run this drive and has run the drive without any problems in the past. I purchased a new USB cable just in case that was the problem but it wasn’t.