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London Clients Seagate Hard Drive Recovery Emails

Just got round to updating my old computer this week. ST3320413AS Seagate 500GB is what I plumped for and having installed it into my computer I reinstalled Windows XP Professional onto it. I love XP and don’t want to change until I absolutely have to. I produce music at home and use XP because of its stability with music software and plug-ins. The Seagate though only seems to want to let me have access to certain parts of the drive. When I start the machine up – bearing in mind the drive has only been in the machine a matter of days – the Windows XP screen goes blue and prompts me to run the chkdsk utility. When I’ve done this it reports bad clusters and sectors on the disc and tells me that I should run in safe mode. Running in safe mode I am able to do a system restore and I’ve done this a couple of times. All is well after the system restore until I reboot a couple of times and then the blue screen appears again and asks me to go through it all again. When I do and eventually get onto the desktop it will not allow me to access the files and folders that I copied from my old drive to the new one. I’ve contacted Seagate and they tell me that the drive is not the problem there must be something happening with the permissions or administrator privileges on my computer but I’ve checked these and all is as it should be. They will replace the drive if I can prove there is a fault but I’ll lose hours of music if I do because they can’t guarantee the safety of the data and now I’ve formatted the old drive too. What can I do and can you help? I’d really appreciate any help or advice you can offer.

Hello I need help. I have a Seagate 250GB internal SATA drive in my computer. The model number of the drive is ST250DM000 and it runs at 7200RPM with a 16MB buffer. To be honest I’m not sure what half of that means but I have taken it from the packaging so that it might help with my query. I’ve been running a small home network for a while now with the machine I use acting as sort of a server. The other two machines attached via a Netgear hub are working fine but the problem seems to be with my Seagate drive. When the other computers send information to my machine to save it reports an error every time. A dialogue box appears on the screen and tells me that the drive cannot write the information being saved to it and asks the other users to save to their local drives. I’m using Windows Server 2003 and have never had problems like this before. The crux of the problem is this though; how do I get back the information from the Seagate drive that I now can only see but not access. There are folders and folders full of information relating to my business (I run a small stationery company) and our CRM database is housed there which now means we cannot contact our clients without resorting to pen and paper.