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Laptop HDD Problems:

Your laptop is your best friend when you are on the move so it is important that as few issues as possible arise with it. However it is unfortunately the case that at some point in time you might well encounter a hard drive problem that is beyond your control. As much as each laptop manufacturer endeavours to ensure their product is 100% reliable there are problems that arise that they cannot legislate for. Among these are problems relating to the hardware that operates the hard drive internally. Components that are prone to lots of movement (like those that enable the read/write process) and unfortunately among the first components that can suffer especially if the computer is exposed to long periods of use without any downtime in between

Mechanical Failures Of The Laptop Hard Drive:

To the casual observer a laptop hard drive looks like a small box that doesn’t appear to have any moving technology but inside the casing is another story. There are many moving parts, each of them with their own function that when working in perfect harmony allow for the fast access and storage of data. These components are sometimes considerably smaller than those in a PCs internal hard drive (generally because the laptop hard drive needs to be smaller to fit in such an enclosed space) and as such these components are prone to failure if too much pressure is brought to bear on them. As an example of this if you consider that your average hard drive spins 7200 times a minute then if you leave your laptop powered on for five hours without any kind of power save in operation your drive will spin 37,500 times. If you did this every day for a week you are looking at something in the region of 262,600 times. That kind of wear and tear on a hard drive can greatly reduce its ability to operate to its fullest potential and eventually will lead to a fail.

Electronic Failures Of The Laptop HDD:

We recommend that if the power supply on your laptop ceases to work you try and find a replacement designed for the same machine. Many people buy generic power supplies which although they seem to work can cause long term problems to your laptop by allowing too much electricity to pass through into your laptop’s motherboard. As a result of this these power surges can lead to the motherboard, CPU, memory and other onboard devices (your hard drive included) to burn out. If using such a generic power supply has led to your laptop failing contact us here at and we will be only to happy to help you recover your data from the hard drive

Laptop HDD Firmware Crashes:

When you start up your laptop you may not be aware that as well as the operating system and the software you use on a regularly basis, there are smaller sophisticated little programs running in the background. In fact these programs start up before the operating system kicks in and allow the hard drive to load the operating system to begin with. These programs are called firmware and are designed and pre-installed in the factory. Their purpose is to allow the hard drive and other components to function together without causing conflicts and a firmware failure may cause your hard drive to behave strangely if not malfunction completely. It is not always possible to update your firmware so if you have a hard drive that sounds as though it is spinning up but is not being recognised by the operating system then it is just possible your firmware has failed. Contact us at to find out how we can help with your firmware problems as well as recovering data from a hard drive suffering from firmware failure.

My Laptop Freezes & Stalls; Is My HDD To Blame?:

Have you encountered the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ recently? Has there been an instance in the last few days where your laptop has seemed sluggish or indeed has simply frozen? If the answer to any of the previous questions is yes then it is possible that you are in the midst of a hard drive failure. When these sort of errors occur it is often due to problems with bad sectors or clusters on your drive that are proving difficult – if not impossible – for the operating system to read. When this happens the operating system simply decides it cannot continue and refuses to try which leads to you experiencing the errors and glitches we have detailed. Contact us at for more information on how to save data from drives with bad sectors and clusters before they completely fail

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