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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop

ACER 5735

I have an Acer 5735 which I think has had the hard drive overwritten during an upgrade. I wanted to install a new Windows OS into my laptop, so I simply got the disk, and put it into the laptop’s disk drive. I then went through the processes to ensure that the Windows OS was fully installed. Later, I took the hard drive from the laptop, and installed it on an external hard drive. I tried to recover the files, but I am not able to get my second Acer, an Acer Aspire, to read the external hard drive. I have connected the drive up correctly, and BIOS can read it, but I am not able to get to it in Windows.


I have an Acer PC laptop which I have connected to an external hard drive, which is also connected in turn to an iMac. I always make sure to eject the external drive before I change the computers. However, when I was using the iMac last week, I logged into the external hard drive, and saw a waiting icon. I waited a while, then guessed that it was frozen, so I forced a shut down. I then unplugged the hard drive, and plugged it into the laptop. The OS told me that the drive had not been formatted, and could not be read. I instead chose to not format the drive, but run CHKDSK, This told me that the files had been corrupted in particular sectors. I ran CHKDSK again, and tried to fix the problem by adding /f to the command. It now seems that the files in the disk have completely vanished. I have tried both the Acer laptop, and an iMac, and neither are showing the files. I have usually got around 1gb of data on the system, but now it seems like they have all been deleted.