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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an ASUS K535 laptop which I am trying to recover data from. Recently, I had a bit of trouble with the OS of the laptop, and so I decided to recover the OS by reinstalling Windows 7, the data was on another partition than windows C Drive. The old OS had been dragging very slowly. I began by formatting both partitions, and then put Windows into one of them. I used this new OS for several weeks, and then out of the blue, it has just failed to boot. It would not go any further than the logo screen, and would not even boot up into BIOS, Safe Mode or any other system. I accepted that I had lost the data, and reinstalled Windows again. I ran a disk recovery program, and it is suggesting that the hard drive has some bad sectors.


I have an external hard drive which I use with my Asus laptop, running Ubuntu. I recently got a message from the computer to install a new system driver which I did. However, when I rebooted the laptop after the installation, I discovered that the driver is not recognising my external hard drive. I usually have this on an E or G drive, but now I can only get C and D, which are the two internal drives, one the hard drive with Windows OS on, the other my CD/DVD drive. I can’t find the external hard drive at all. I tried to put in a USB drive into one of my ports as an emergency backup, but although the system said that there was new hardware available, when I clicked on the drive, it said that the target was not found. This seems to me like the driver installation has knocked off one of the other drivers, and it can’t recognise things through the USB ports. I have a lot of data stored on the external drive.