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Recovering Data from a Laptop

I have a small laptop with a WD 320 hard drive. This failed recently, and had to be replaced by another. The failure was a problem in booting, which would not allow me to get any further into the system than the BIOS screen. Despite this failure, I need to be able to open up the hard drive and get into it in order to retrieve some data which is on there. I have been looking for help, and have even tried some data recovery programs, but I am not getting any closer to a solution. The main problem is that, even now, when I connect it to the laptop, I can see the drive marked as ‘unallocated’, and when I click on it, I get an i/o error message. The WD diagnostics failed the hard drive immediately, saying ‘too many’ of the sectors are bad.


I have a Samsung laptop which was not working properly, and had lost some of the data available on it. I tried to recover it using a data recovery program which I downloaded from the internet. I ran this, but half-way through, while reading the full details of the program, I discovered that it was designed to be used with the Compaq software system. As my laptop is a Samsung, I tried to stop the data recovery program from doing anything else to my computer, but it did not work, and the system carried on to the end.