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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


Basically, what happened is that I sneezed, and accidentally knocked over a cup of fruit juice which was sitting next to the machine. I tried to dry it all off as much as possible, but the keys were malfunctioning, along with the touch screen at the bottom, and it appears to have deleted a number of files which were on there. I mean, I saw them being highlighted and then removed, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to pop off the keyboard so that I could dry it out, and I seem to have recovered functions on that, but I am not able to get the folders I lost back. I can’t seem to find where they have deleted to, and I can’t recover details of the delete even from event log.


I have a Fujitsu Siemens e8110 which has stopped booting up into Windows. When I turn on the computer, it fires up, and starts running through the processes. I can hear the fan start up and then the hard drive begin spinning. However, the computer never progresses further than the logo screen. I have often waited for it to progress, sometimes even leaving the room and doing something else before going back and trying it again. The system seems to be locked on the one screen. Although I can see a cursor before I try and power off, when I touch the power button, the logo freezes, so that I can’t do anything else, and the hard drive light becomes a consistent light, rather than flashing as though it was searching for something.