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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a Macbook Pro MB985LLA laptop, which I am using for a Windows OS through Bootcamp. However, it is not working, and I have had to replace the hard drive once already. I mainly use the Windows partition to play games on, and last week I installed a ton of mods for a game. I started up the program, launched a saved game, and then suddenly the Mac shut down, and put out a series of loud beeps. These were one beep every 5 seconds until I forced the shut down to make it be quiet. Now I cannot boot computer as it does not recognise the hard disk in bios.


I am trying to repair a no longer young Macbook Pro Z0GS, which has suddenly stopped working. The friend who had this laptop first gave it to their IT specialist, and the chap removed the hard drive, and extracted a number of important files. He also returned the hard drive. I had a talk with the IT man, and it seems as though the motherboard has failed totally. The main problem is that there are a number of files on the hard drive which were not recovered by the IT specialist, he seemed to think that it was ‘close enough’, and that nothing else could be done. I would like to get all the data off the drive if possible.