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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio laptop that was getting very hot where the hard drive was. I accidentally dropped it onto the floor from a stool, a height of maybe 20cm. The laptop was on at the time, and the OS froze as soon as the accident occurred. I immediately tried to restart the computer, but the OS would not boot up. I can get to the Repair Boot Failure screen, and the Safe Mode boot pages, but no further. I have taken out the hard drive, and attached it to an enclosure. The drive appears to be spinning as usual, and the computer can see it. However, after installing drivers, only the partition is visible. There is another partition, but when I select this, Windows pauses, and then just acts as though I had not tried to load it. The light on the hard drive enclosure changes colours repeatedly while the drive is plugged in. What I do know is that there are no clicks heard when the drive is running, and no sounds that I would not expect to hear. I still want to recover the data from the drive.


Hello. I need some help with a Sony Vaio laptop which won’t boot up. I can get into the splash screen, but then I get a message which says Software Failure. I then have a pair of options, either allow Windows to fix the problem, or Start Normally. I have selected both of these options, and have not been able to get the system to boot up. I have tried Safe Mode, BIOS prompts and other options in Bios, but with no success. I have now removed the hard drive, and attached it to an external enclosure. I put it into contact with another laptop through a SATA cable, and this second laptop could see it, but would not allow me to read any of the data. I tried to use a recovery wizard to help me recover the data. It saw the drive, asked me if I wanted to recover my data. I accepted, and started to read it off. It then got stuck, and then offered to format the drive!