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Apple Mac Hard Drive Dilemmas:

The Apple Mac may operate using a different operating system but fundamentally the way in which their hard drives work are the same as those in a PC or other desktop computer. Apple Mac drives encounter the same kinds of problems and the user can find themselves in a position where their machine is completely devoid of function while the hard drive is out of commission. Common HDD problems in the Apple Mac include an inability to mount the drive on start up or reporting bad sectors that are immediately locked away by the OS (something newer OS systems tend to do) but these sectors can continue vital information as to how the operating system functions and thus it renders itself inoperable.

Booting My Mac – The Dreaded ?:

If you have attempted to start up your Apple Mac and have been faced with a flashing question mark on the start up screen then it is safe to assume that your Mac is having difficulty finding the files it needs to boot the operating system. There are a variety of reasons as to why this question mark might appear and among them are a mouse or keyboard not properly connected. If you have checked that all relevant peripherals are attached then it is more than likely the case that there is a problem with the hard drive and the files contained therein. Some would recommend trying to restore your Mac from a bootable CD but in doing so this can lead to a loss of data on the existing hard drive. We recommend that if you cannot start your Apple Mac through normal methods then the best course of action is to power down and contact us here at and will do everything we can to help you and will most certainly be able to help you recover your data.

Mac Hard Drive Electronics Breakdown:

The hard drive in your Apple Mac has a series of sophisticated electronics attached to its underside which allow for the sending and receiving of information between your software and your hard drive. These electronics also communicate with the Mac’s motherboard and determine how often the drive spins up and at what speed. Faulty electronics can render the drive useless although the data can be recovered using up to the minute technology here at

Apple Mac Firmware Not Performing:

Firmware failures are a popular reason as to why an Apple Mac hard drive may stop working. In-built at the factory the firmware is designed as a small software program that sends a series of sophisticated commands to and from the hard drive in order for it to function in time with the other components to which it is attached. With this in mind some Intel-based Macs allow for the upgrading of their disk’s firmware but for the most part manufacturers tend not to offer upgrades so if the firmware becomes corrupt or in some way obsolete next to other components then the drive may no longer work. If this happens we here at can help.

Mac Hard Drive Operating System Running Below Par:

In the same way a Windows-based PC may begin to run slowly if there are hard drive problems so too will an Apple Mac. Generally regardless of what operating system you are using there will be some kind of warning given if the fault is a slow working one. You may find yourself presented with a series of dialogue boxes with messages indicating bad sectors or clusters or an inability to read from the boot sector. If such dialogue boxes present themselves then it best to power down the Mac sooner rather than later and consult us here at for help and advice on how to proceed

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