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Mac Recovery


I have a Macbook Air laptop which appears to have become locked. I have been using the Macbook for several months, and I have saved a lot of data to it, without any problem or any need to use a PIN. I don’t recall putting a password on last time I used it, but now when I start up the computer, I have to enter a PIN. The message actually says ‘Enter Your System Lock PIN Code to Unlock this Mac’. I don’t know what this PIN is, and I have searched all over the computer to see if there is a code written somewhere. I have tried a few numbers that I found on the system, but always end up on the wrong side of this PIN demand. I have data behind that password wall that I really need to get hold of, and I don’t want to risk losing it. Recovering the data is first priority.


I am having a problem with documents stored in a Macbook Air. I have not been able to open or extract any data from my .doc files since I modified them on the Word screen using the Mac system. I have written several articles, using Pages to complete them, and then wanted to share the articles with friends and colleagues. I had to convert them into .doc files so that everyone who wanted could read the articles. I modified my articles using the Mac’s Word conversion program. I closed the articles, shut down the Mac, and then rebooted. When I went into the system to check one of the articles and re-read it, the computer put up a message to say that the document as not available. I can’t open it with any of my document software programs, and have even bought recovery programs to try and extract the files without success.