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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I am having some trouble with my Compaq Presario 5000 desktop computer. I was trying to uninstall some basic software and programs which I was no longer using. I used a program specially designed to help me remove these types of programs, but there was a problem with this one. The computer asked me to restart it, which I did, and I now cannot access any part of the system. When I reboot it, I get one of a few options: It will load up to the Compaq welcome screen, but then flashes a blank screen on and off at 4 second intervals. It will load up the Compaq screen, then will put up another screen with the words “Please wait….” but then will show a black screen, with the mouse pointer only. Another option is that it will show the Compaq Screen, and then a message will appear saying “Starting automatic repair”. This will lead to the black screen, again with the pointer on it. None of these options allow me to view the desktop or the BIOS.


I have a Compaq server computer which I was trying to migrate Windows NT onto. I thought that I was able to manage with the directions for this process, but it seems as though something has gone seriously wrong. I downloaded and installed the server files into the system, and then rebooted the computer to finish the load. However, I cannot now boot into Windows at all. I can get BIOS, which works fine, and all the files load alright, but as soon as the Windows screen appears, the computer will freeze and then tries to get me to do a start up recovery boot. It then says “Startup cannot determine the cause of your problem” and gives an error code.