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I need some assistance with a Windows operating system after I received a Blue Screen of Death. I admit that I panicked and did not read what the message said, just shut the computer down immediately. I let everything wind itself down, and then turned the computer back on. When I went to reboot into the OS, there was nothing at all. The only thing I can see is a message saying ‘Missing Operating System’. After that message, I tried to return to BIOS, but could not go back. Everything was running normally before the Blue Screen appeared. I am still currently missing the operating system. Does this mean that the OS is gone for good? I know I should not have turned off the system before reading the message, and I should have allowed the system to shut down by itself, but that is too late now.


I am hoping someone can help me with a Windows XP operating system which is being used on a desktop computer. The problems began when I tried to use a registry cleaning to tidy up a few files on the system. The computer had been working fine until then, but when it rebooted after the clean, it did not go into Windows after it launched the XP loading screen. Instead, it gives a single beep, and then stops on a completely black screen. Each time I try it, the noise seems to be louder, but I don’t understand what the message means. It is also sending me some other messages, including ‘media test failure’, before going into the XP screen, beeping, and then doing into the black screen. If I try to boot up, occasionally it will give me a notice saying ‘no operating system’, and it will then ask me to insert a disk. I don’t want to lose the data that I have on the computer.