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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a Gateway SX2370 which has stopped working with the server which stores all my data. I have been using this server with the computer for some time, and everything seemed to be going well until the computer suddenly shut down last week. I eventually had to reinstall Windows XP on the system in order to try and recover the computer. I have not been able to find the driver which connects the computer to the server’s LAN, or to the wireless connection for the internet. The Device Manager is saying that there is no connection to the internet, and won’t acknowledge that the server is there. Task Manager seems to be searching for an internet location that I can’t identify. The data on the server is very important to me, and I thought that I had protected it by putting it on this drive array. However, the problem is now that I can’t use the data, because it is sitting in an unconnected system.


I have a problem with a Gateway 5220 which has been subject to a bit of abuse from my small daughter. She attempted to push the plug from the vacuum cleaner into one of the USB sockets on the front of the computer. There was no bang and no electric charge, but since that point, I have got an error from the system which says that the USB connections are not working, and then the computer will reboot with warning, now the computer is not booting up at all. It is stuck in this cycle and will reboot for hours on end. I can sometimes get into BIOS, but I have to be quick with the key tapping. From there, I can try to get into Windows from Safe Mode. All of the files are still in the folders, so everything is intact. The problem is that I work from home, and those files represent years of work, with hardly any of the data backed up in any way. To lose this data would be a complete disaster to me.