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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I have an HP Pavilion A705W desktop computer which I have been using for a long while. The computer has been shut down after use, and the power switch completely turned off, so that it was not hibernating or anything like that. However, when I wanted to put the system back on, the printer and the monitor both get power, but there is no reaction in the desktop. The power cords are all working correctly, but there is absolutely no light coming on at all. None to the motherboard, the hard drives, or even the power button. I can’t even get a response when I use other power cords in the socket. I am very concerned, because I use this HP Pavilion for work, and it has a lot of data on it which connects me to clients and to colleagues. I don’t want to lose all of the data on this drive, and so I need to get it recovered quickly.


I have an HP Pavilion desktop which has suddenly stopped working. I am not sure whether it is the computer itself, or the monitor that is causing the problem, but when I turn it on, I can see the lights, and hear the fans going around. I might be able to hear the hard drive going, too. However, there is no vision on the monitor, and no power to the keyboard, which makes me think that it is more a computer-related problem than something to do with the monitor. I have tried changing the power cords and removing USB connections, but there is still nothing. I have also tried to check the monitor, shining a light onto the screen, but I can still see nothing, not even up close. As there is no start up light on the keyboard, I am assuming something is wrong inside the computer. The real issue is that I need the data recovered from my hard drive. I have lots of work there, as I usually work from home about 3 days a week.