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RAID Server Repair


I have a set of four Samsung hard drives in a RAID array. These are connected through a home server, I am not sure of the make. These drives seemed to be ok until I performed my weekly power-down of the system, to keep it cool during the weekend. Since that power-down, I have noticed that the drives are not starting up when I turn on the server or the computer. I can turn on my PC, and the drives slowly start spinning, each one in turn like a Mexican wave. It seems almost as though they are being reset by the server, or that power is not going to each drive at the same time. While the drives seem to be fine, I have noticed that they are not completely readable, and that already some data which should be on the server appears to have gone. One of the drives is being reported as failed, but I don’t know which one of the drives this is.


I have an HP server which uses a RAID array system. I recently had to so a firmware upgrade to the server, and the computer recommended that I also do a similar upgrade on my RAID array. There are 5 drives in the system, which are running on a firmware HPD3. I was told that I should upgrade them to the latest HPD7 firmware, and I did this. However, when I tried to run the upgrade, I was told that the firmware could not be upgraded to 7, and so I decided that HPD4 would have to be the next step. The upgrade was completed, but when I tried to view the drives after the upgrade, I could see that at least 2 of the drives are no longer working, and appear to be dead. I need to recover the data from these RAID drives, as they were not yet backed up when I did the upgrade. These drives are labelled as HPD3, which doesn’t seem good to me, and their capacity is set at 0. I have a lot more data on these drives.