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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I need some help with a hard drive which is in a Dell PowerEdge 4300 array. The problem is with the RAID controller, which is seems to have failed. I have set up a RAID 0 configuration on the disks, with a partitioned drive being the RAID 0, and the other drive being a backup and mirror for the data. I have used this for some time, and record a lot of work on the disks. However, I am now getting a message saying that there are no disks found on the system, and the computer won’t allow me to view my files. The operating system can see the partition, as the volume which I created, but it is requesting that I edit something called the sd.config.file and won’t let me access the drive. I am not sure how I am going to recover the data from the drive, which is why I need professional help from a data recovery firm.


I have been using three Seagate hard drives in a RAID 0 system connected to a Dell PowerEdge 1800 server. This has worked well for a long time and I have a lot of data saved to the drive, but recently I got a message which stated that one of the hard drives in the array have failed. This is the larger of the two drives which I have in the RAID array, which has the most data in, and I have a lot to lose if the system fails. I know that the two drives in the array are no longer young, and this might affect their performance, but I have data on the server which has not been backed up, and I need to be able to get it back if possible. I want to be able to recover all of the data.