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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am using a RAID 1 array which has a 2 Seagate hard drive. This is connected to the computer through a RAID controller, and I also run monitoring software to keep it all going. Despite these precautions, the system has still developed problems. I get an error which involves one of the drives beeping loudly while I was trying to extract data, and viewing the monitor program shows that there are a lot of errors. I decided that I should try to recover my data before the drive failed completely, thinking that my best option would be to install a new drive and have the error-free Seagate rebuild the array. I did this, and then got a message that the rebuild was successful. Despite this message, when I looked at the drive on the monitoring software, it is still showing as containing errors. I am not able to recover the data that I was trying to save, as the machine does not seem to think that it exists. I really need that data.


I am struggling to data from a Seagate hard drive in a RAID 1 array configuration. A lot of data has been saved to the array, and I want to remove it as I recently had a warning saying that the drive has a number of bad sectors. I need to have the photos and files which are on the drive, as it is related to a work project. When I was trying to move the data from the drive to the computer, the array suddenly stopped working, and made a number of beeping sounds. It will not now reboot, nor is it recognised by the computer that the data was going to be read onto. BIOS and the RAAID controller also don’t seem to be able to see the drive at all, so I assume that it has completely failed. Much of the data that I had on the drive has not been backed up, which was why I was trying to save it. I have not tried to meddle with the drive yet, as I am most concerned about recovering the data.