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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I need help with a pair of IBM X345 servers which both have 3 disk arrays running RAID 5. One of the servers has a problem which has caused it to fail completely. I have lost a lot of data from the hard drives in that array, and don’t know how to recover it. The question I have is whether it would be possible to migrate the entire array, moving it from the failed server into the working server. The fact is that I need the data on the drive and I am prepared to consider any costs in getting the data recovered. I don’t want to damage the RAID 5 array which is already in place. It is pretty important that the data on the array is not compromised during the move, as the files are important for work.


I have been working with a RAID 5 array which is connected to a Dell PowerEdge 700. This server is designed to be used with this particular RAID 5 array, and I have been collecting data on the drive for several months. However, this morning when I plugged in the machine, the server booted up as usual, I heard the disks spinning around, and then there was a loud beep. I then saw a message on the screen which said that the RAID 5 array is invalid. The beeping continued until I shut the server down. Now, when I try to start up the server again, the array does not respond, and I am not able to view the files and data which have been put into the system. I really need some help to recover the data on the drives. I have a lot of files on the drives which I absolutely cannot lose, because they cannot be replaced from any other source.