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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

SanDisk Cruzer Orbit 8GB Flash Drive
I have a SanDisk hard drive with secure access where I have installed some confidential files in it. I was able to make it work once but now it is quite unusual because when I open secure access manager to check out my files, it prompts me to create a new vault to keep my files in. I don’t know what happened because before, I only need to input my password and it works perfectly because I am able to access my important files without any trouble. But now when I do this, it keeps telling me to make a new vault and it doesn’t show my files anymore. However, I believe that my files are still there because I can see a dmbackup.dll file on MyVaults folder, which I presume contains my confidential files. Can you recover my files from there and make the flash drive work well like before

SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive 32GB
My 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive is not working properly. It seems that I cannot copy files from or to it. When I try copying files to, even as small as 10MB, it takes about 30 minutes to do so (with the pop-up window showing that it is copying the files) but when I look at the flash drive, nothing is there. When I try to copy files from the cruzer usb stick it times out after a few seconds, I cannot copy any data from the usb stick.