HDD Recovery London – Reuniting You With Your Data

HDD recovery London is often the first thing that you consider when your computer lets you down. The physical PC is easily replaceable, but things like emails, family photographs or even files for your business cannot be bought at a store. The majority of us have a computer, laptop or tablet that we use every day, but a lot of us forget or are not even aware of the importance of regular maintenance or performing regular data backups. Even if we do remember to do this, it does not guarantee that the computer will last forever. Sometimes the computer does display indications that it is failing, for example, by freezing repeatedly, but often it will just break suddenly. Irrespective of the cause the outcome is the same; your data has vanished. When this happens it can be unclear what is best to do next, which can be very stressful. When you need the best Data Recovery London we can help.

If you have a problem with your computer, the first thing you must always do it turn it off. Sometimes the issue will just be a glitch that a reboot can easily resolve, but if the problem is more serious, turning off the device will minimise the

damage. The first thing you must not do is to start downloading free third party recovery software. This can seem like a quick and easy solution in the heat of the moment, but in reality this can cause more difficulties than it resolves. Even if there is nothing catastrophic like a virus involved, you cannot be sure that your data is safe and secure during recovery. In addition, the software will not be able to tell you what the problem with your PC is. As such, even if the HDD recovery London is successful and your computer is working, you cannot be confident that it will remain so.

Choosing a Professional Data Recovery Firm

The likelihood is that the data you keep on your computer is of the utmost importance to you. It may be professional data, with the personal details of your customers and your business. Alternatively it may be personal items, with emotional value (such as photographs) or monetary value (such as your bank details). Whatever it is, when you think about it you are probably willing to pay to have it returned. Using a HDD recovery London firm means that you couldn’t have a better chance of retrieving your data. Not only that, the data recovery experts will usually be able to advise you of the issue with your PC, meaning that you can then make an informed decision as to whether it is worth trying to get it repaired. In addition, if you do find that the data recovery process has not been successful, you will have some recourse. If you use online software, there is no remedy or customer service if it does not work.

The majority of HDD recovery London firms work with the hardware directly. We do not. Because the hard disk degradation is an ongoing process, we do not attempt to access the hardware itself. Any activity on the hard drive can cause further harm, and sometimes there can only be a brief opportunity to access the data. Instead, we image the data from the device and work with the image rather than the hardware. As well as giving us the best possible chance of recovering your data, this also speeds up the process exponentially. We are not only able to extract data from computer and laptops, but also dropped hard drives. We can even recover data from memory chips, one of the only firms in the UK to be able to achieve this. Sometimes, we have even been able to recover files for customers when other companies have told them there is no hope.

If your computer has failed, leaving you unable to access your data, please contact us for fast, reliable data recovery. We do not believe that you should have to take a chance on free software for data that is clearly very important to you. We understand how stressful it can be to lose your files and a large part of our customer service is eliminating that stress. We will even send your screenshots of your data and a complete directory listing of the files we recover as soon as our investigation are complete, so that you can be confident all the data will be returned to you even before you receive your device back. For HDD recovery London, therefore, use our professional specialists. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.