HP & Quantum Recovery


We have been using a HP Proliant RAID 5 array with a Windows 2003 server, and am having trouble trying to connect it to a Windows 7 OS in order to extract the data on the server. What happened to begin with was that the BIOS failed in the array, and then reported that one of the drives in the array was unconnected, or had disconnected. I was not able to recover the drive, so I removed it, and now I cannot get the array to mount up. This is a bit of a problem because I have data on the drives that we wanted to preserve, and I now cannot get the array to connect to the server. The data on the array mostly consists of different types of media, including photographs, music clips, and video, but we also have some documents on there too. We want to extract as much as possible, but I have not been able to get the array to connect to my Windows 7 computer, instead getting a message saying ‘Dynamic Disk Invalid’. We have tried to go into BIOS and activate it, but it won’t allow me to do this because the disk is invalid.


I have a Quantum Guardian which has a Raid 5 array on a set of hard drives. One of the drives has recently failed, and so we decided to do a rebuild, replacing the failed rive with a new one. We have done this before, and usually insert the disk into the drive, and then run a rebuild. However, this time, the options for rebuild or repair are not available in the options menu. The only option is to Delete Array. We don’t want to do this, as we want to recover some of the data which is on the drives, and deleting the array would mean that the data was lost, but I don’t know of any other alternative. I have a lot of information on the drives which has not been backed up. This is mostly in the form of old documents which are in some folders, but they are still important and we still need to be able to get our hands on that data.