Mac Data Recovery


I have an Apple Mac computer which I wanted to upgrade to a better operating system. I have a number of files and other data on the old operating system that I wanted to keep, so I decided to try and save that data while I was installing the new OS. This might have worked, but I had problems with the installation, and I think that eventually Mountain Lion X installed over the disk which was holding the old data. I want to recover that data, but I also don’t want to lose the OS system which I have just installed. I have tried repeatedly to look at the entire contents of the disk, but at the moment all I can see is the OS, and no other folders. It looks like I have lost the data for good? Most of the data I need was not backed up as it should have been, and instead I had it all installed on a single drive.


I have an Apple Macbook laptop which is used every day. There is work on the computer which relates to my college course, and I really need to be able to recover it. The problem at the moment is that I can’t use the keyboard to enter any of my login details, so I can’t get into the OS. This means that I am effectively locked out of my own computer, so that I can’t get in to anything. When I try to press a letter, such as K, I will get a * or similar symbol. If I try to type in these symbols by pressing the shift and then typing a number, I get the Apple logo. I have been prevented from logging in because of this problem, and that means that I can’t get to the data which I have saved on the hard drive. This is important because I have work data on the computer which I need to access soon, as it forms part of a client’s project. Can you recover the data?